Viatcheslav Tsai is a talented painter, he works willingly in different genres but firmly keeps his artistic persuasions. The amplitude of the creative search is rather wide – from the accented traditional character of his portraits to expressive acuteness of symbolically allegoric canvases expressing the apocalypse of our century. In his works he appears as a high professional, confronting the advance-guard expenses.

"Trade in art is as a coal in flame" – this is a credo of Tsai who always tends to high culture in canvas treatment, definition of the picture, composition harmony. He is oriented to the concrete visual and sensible precision of picture. Trying to understand the nature he seeks for an image-bearing equivalent of the scene – in the landscape, still-life, portrait.

An increased fixedness of observations, a sharp feeling of the model produce a sensation of the stressed character of the appearance, a touch of extra naturality in many of his portraits. But fixed expression of the features in the portraits does not cover the psychology of the person expressed, does not hide the fate expressed in the face.

The landscapes of Tsai have the equilibrium of subjective and objective. This explains their traditional picturesqueness. Revealing the most characteristic features in the motive the artist lets it to express itself on the canvas. He spurns from nature following the structure of the landscape, revealing the rhythms of Nature, trying to obtain the expression of its breathing. The colour and plastics found reveal the essence of the motive where the real colours of nature become "the flower of the image". Painting being especially natural is apprehended as generally decorative.

In recent sketches and stand-lives Tsai reveals a marked freedom in colour, testing its energetic resources and light capability. The motive is intensively realized, the manner of painting becomes free and the intensive colourfullness make canvases smart and joyful.

Viacheslav Tsai is the master having vast possibilities, possessing the qualities that help him to realize these possibilities. He has reached the creative maturity and is full of new ideas.

E. Vodonos.